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Model of an argument

1. Identify and define the following: (Go ahead and copy and paste that which is below, then answer underneath each). a. Identify the elements in the model of an argument, give an example.b. Define and give at least one example of argument by generalization.c. Define and give at least one example of argument by cause.d. Define and give at least one example of argument by sign. Describe how argument by sign compares and contrasts with argument by analogy.e. Discuss the characteristics of arguments.2. Record commercials. Choose two or three about similar products (e.g. automobiles, breakfast cereal, laundry soap, toothpaste) in magazine, radio, or television. Write a response (no more than three-pages) in which you compare the nature of the arguments used and comment on which is most likely to get your adherence.Just answer Q1 half page and Q2 1 1/2 pages. Also put your referencesI need the paper tomorrow at 10:00am pst

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