Monthly payment

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

My spouse and I are in the process of buing a $275,000 home with a $55,000 cash down payment and the four options have been presented to us:1.30year loan @ 10% without any points or 7% with tree points paid upfront. Whicn one is better? Why?2.What will be additional monthly payment of $100 to do the term of our loan and how much would we save with option with one above, over the life of the loan (provide the cash totat outlay for each scenario in the amortizattion format)3.How much would we have to pay monthly in each option in one to pay loan off in 15 years reather than 30amortization formatprice $275,000$down 55,0004.Please provide us the loan amortizarion schedule and profetional letter regarding your findings (70-80 words)5.professionally present your letter and supportinf documents 6.preparae a summary “tpo-level” grid schedule can you please e-mail this at

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