Motivational Plan

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Motivational Plan.This is based on the identification of the factors that are in correlation to values, emotions and attitude of the team members. The paper also offers a summary of the different modes of identifying the factors and providing conclusions that are overtly related to influencing the performance of the team positively.There has been a focus on business design as a necessary component of motivating a team in an organization. In order to achieve motivation, performance and satisfaction, every organization needs to have a working design. Through having a working design, there is a boost to the effectiveness of a given team. However, the behavior of the term is shaped by the individuals’ values, personalities, emotions and attitudes. Working as a mentor that manages a Shipping Department for Athletic Equipment, there is a need to have a grip on these matters and get to understand, evaluate and analyze the different attributes of each and every team member. This is the means through which effective work design and efficient team layout can be put in place. Moreover, having individuals with different personalities, attitudes and emotions mean there is s need for the establishment of a comprehensive motivational plan. For instance, at the department, there are three individuals with different personalities (Keller, 2009). Pursia and Cleveland are impressed while Lydia is an interactive person. This, therefore, implies a need for a comprehensive motivational plan if the potential of the team members is to be exploited.Worthy to note is the fact that those team members who seem not too ecstatic about their work are more often not comfortable with the concept of the team. In order to build a progressive team, one needs to use personalities, values, attitudes and the emotions of the employees in order to motivate the performance of the team.Attitude refers to the perception of an individual with regards to other people, items or events. Attitude can

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