Movement Analysis: Classical Ballet

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Movement Analysis: Classical Ballet. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In the 19th century, a great radical change was brought about, where there was a shift from the prior aristocratic sensibilities that used romantic ballet. Pioneer ballerinas such as Marie Taglioni and Fanny Elssler crafted new techniques which became a rave in those days.Ballet students are required to learn not only the dance form but the names, meanings, and the exact technique of every movement they are taught.

A ballet dancer has specific formalized actions along with specific rules to be followed. These rules cover the various components of Ballet with regard to the position of the body, head arms, and feet. The choreography done in Ballet is a combination of these movements.In French it means “bent” and while dancing the performer bends the knee and jumps and turns to execute or even absorb shock. This exercise helps them to loosen their muscles and to maintain a good balance. The Plie is used in all of the five basic foot positions. A demi – plie is when the dancer’s feet remain on the floor, while the grand plie is when the heels of the dancer are raised from the floor.

“Battement”, in French means “beating”. This movement is used in Ballet and allows the dancer to extend their leg forward, backward, or sideways. This could be just a single movement or can be made up of repeated consecutive movements.Among the different Battement, movements are the “tendu movement” (stretched beating) where the dancer extends the leg and the pointed toe barely touches the floor and the “Grand Battement” (large beating) where the dancer lifts the extended leg to either hip level or even higher and holds the leg in position.Besides these movements, there are other movements that help to enhance or beautify the overall performance of the dancer while trying to engage her audience. 

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