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Create a 18 pages page paper that discusses mr cod. The company manages its operations through specialised American machinery to international standards, but with a difference. Mr Cod has its roots firmly targeting British sentiments and maintains a high quality that is synonymous of its service. Mr Cod’s special Fish and Chips and other famous chicken products are, in the opinion of its staunch supporters and existing franchisees, superior to any multinational competitor.Mr Cod is the brainchild of Mr John Brewer, a pioneer of fast food franchising in the UK, and a former director of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He became a founder member of the British Franchise Association in 1977, and a founder member of the British Fast Food Federation in 1978 (Mr. Cod, Mr. Cod Background and History, fast-food industry has seen a remarkable upward trend in recent years in the UK. It was estimated that this business industry, which, if coffee shops were included, was valued at around 10.78bn, in 2005, an increase of 4% to the corresponding period the previous year. It’s quite easy to predict the cause for this growth pattern. With globalisation come opportunities. Its not just here in the UK or in Europe, but the world itself is becoming one big union. China was the first to break the communist jinx and follow a path to liberalisation and open market. This opened the floodgates and multinational companies took advantage of the benefits of cheap labour and raw materials to establish and expand their market presence there. It didn’t take long for other Asian countries to recognise the benefit of liberalisation. Soon others joined the bandwagon to economic freedom and FDI. Perhaps one might wonder what this has got to do with the fast food industry. Time! Just about everyone competes with the other for space. Fast-paced and time restrained, the people who make things happen, have just no time to share the table with their colleagues and family. Gone are the days when families got together on weekends over a barbeque and had fun. Today, the world is fast-paced. Only those who have the inclination and dedication for fast-paced life, survive. Breakfasts during transit, business meetings over lunch, and late dinner are a part of an executive’s life. Liberalisation and globalisation has brought countries closer to each other. With more and more conglomerates setting up their business in other countries, competition has become stiff. Time is money and people just don’t seem to have the time to sit over a cup of coffee with a paper in their hand. This phenomenon has created opportunities for hoteliers and other like-minded entrepreneurs as well. Fast food for the fast-paced! Just about every corner of the street is occupied by a burger or hot dog vendor making a decent income by sunset. Welcome to the world of fast foods.

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