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by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

These are questions that I need help with. Can you explain to me why they are what they are? This is my study guide.

Question 1: With which of the following correlations could you most accurately predict Y from X?0.8-0.960.5-0.50

Question 2: Which of the following conclusions is valid if all you know is that IQ and memory scores are correlated at r=0.84?good memory causes good IQIQ and memory are positively correlated IQ and memory are both caused by a third variable good IQ causes good memory

Question 3: The least squares criterion, used to define a regression line, minimizes which quantity? i 2 i i 2?(Y i-Y’) 2

Question 4: The null hypothesis (H0) in a one-way ANOVA for an independent variable with three levels states that SSerror = SStotalSSerror = SScondition 12312 3 

Question 5: What values make up the total sum of squares in a one-factor between-subjects ANOVA?sum of squares for treatment condition + sum of squares for errorsum of squares for error onlydf for treatment condition + df for errorsum of squares for treatment condition only

Question 6: A regression analysis is performed on a set of paired scores of annual income and years of schooling. The resulting regression equation is Y’=40000+2000(X). What is the predicted annual income for someone with 15 years of schooling? $100,000$42,000$70,000$60,000

Question 7: In a regression analysis, the sum of squares for the predicted scores (SSY’) is 100 and the total sum of squares (SSY) is 300. What is the proportion of the variance in Y explained by X (r2)?0.3332.02000.500

Question 8: For a particular regression, the sum of squares for the predicted scores (SSY’) =300 and the sum of squares error (SSE)=500. What is the total sum of squares (SSY)?800500200300

Question 9: An experiment is conducted with 5 treatment conditions and 6 subjects in each condition for a total N of 30. The data are analyzed with a one-factor ANOVA. What are the dfnumerator and dfdenominator?dfnumerator = 25, dfdenominator = 4dfnumerator = 4, dfdenominator = 25dfnumerator = 5, dfdenominator = 6dfnumerator = 4, dfdenominator = 30

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