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Museum art techniques

Argumentative essay on Museum art techniques. Needs to be 1 pages. The viewing audience enjoys the history of origin of man and major social transitions that has characterized various generations. In regard to Alpers’ opinion, art is an integral part of human history.Duncan rekindles the past memories on the ancient world and the series of changes that characterize the society through generations. In other words, some of the past cultural aspects of various communities are represented by museum artifacts. Comparative analysis of ancient civilization and modern culture between the west and the rest of the world generally offers a ritual connectivity. In essence, Museums constitutes structures that are associated with past cultural norms and special building in which artifacts and records are kept. Although viewing is done by people of diverse socio-economic and political backgrounds, the aim is always homogeneous. This mostly lies in the curious nature of man to explore and experience diversity of humanity. The concept of museum entails various issues that include religious artifacts, communal art and connotation of

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