Muslim Women in Education

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 32 page essay on Muslim Women in Education.This paper approves that the West has been categorised as the developed world, and the implication is that developing and underdeveloped countries have to adopt the principles established by Western education if a similar level of prosperity and development is to be realised. The West has been very accommodative of Islamic ideas and requirements. This is unlike the dogmatic and unyielding attitude of the Islamic educational system. Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances is essential for survival, and this has been never lost sight of by the West.

Unfortunately, Islamic conservatism prefers to ignore these crucial issues. This paper makes a conclusiomn that Islamic law is founded on the principle of gender equality. The present disparities and oppression of Muslim women is due to the persistence of different perspectives regarding Islam. These are in the main designed to improve the lot of Muslim men to the detriment of the Muslim women. The various interpretations of Islamic principles led to a wide range of practices against women.

Western educators benefit to a great extent by understanding Muslim traditions, because this makes it possible to avoid conflict between what are principally two vastly different cultures. The outcome of this study is that Muslim women prefer education as it provides an escape from the shackles of conservatism. Modernisation is the unqualified choice of Muslim females, because of its equitable and progressive nature.

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