My Decision to Return to College

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on My Decision to Return to College. Needs to be 2 pages. Since there is a general feeling that college graduates adjust easily within the reigns of organizations and that are easily trainable, I believe I would offer the company much to start with. My skills and my experience would suggest a thing or two and that too in the positive sense. Within the workforce,I would enhance my organizational skills consistently so that I could become indigenous and my work would speak for its own self.Since I value education more than anything else, I am of the view that following the college would be out of my comfort zone but I am ready and willing to take this opportunity and grab it with both hands. I will challenge myself within different areas, one of which would be to acquaint myself with the computer literacy skills, which I perceive needs polishing. Further, the mere feeling that completing a degree would give me a satisfying attitude is reason enough for me to go all-out and do my very best.Education has its different levels and it is best to reach the top most level once you are a student. I am hopeful that I will continue on my yearning and opt for the Associate’s degree program after which I would pursue my Bachelor’s. Similarly, attaining a Master’s degree is anyone’s dream and for me, there is thrill in envisioning myself becoming a Master in a specific discipline, a few years down the road. I opine that education makes one complete and I am of the firm view that in my case, this is absolutely true.Completing college life makes one reap rewards throughout the course of his life. I would advance my base within life once I am out of college and plan to pursue with my university life. Moving ahead, joining a profession that I like would make me even more satisfied and matured after which I will earn and support my family – a satisfying feeling nonetheless.In the end, I am hopeful that if I get admission within college, I would live up to my promise

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