Myelin and Neuropsychological Impact

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on Myelin and Neuropsychological Impact of Multiple Sclerosis which Causes Demyelination. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The factor which hinders them to regenerate is the inappropriate muscle neuron that is paired with the corresponding damaged motor neurons. Thus, regeneration may sometimes fail. If myelin regeneration fails, some neurons die without being regenerated which is known as demyelination. Martin et al. s (2001) termed Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as one of the biggest factors that may trigger demyelination. This essay examines the impact of MS on the Myelin sheath and causes of demyelination.Myelin is an insulating material made up of protein and fat where the myelin sheath is made of. Myelin, on the other hand, it is an outgrowth of glial cells, which are specialized cells that surround neurons, providing mechanical and physical support and electrical insulation. The myelin sheath is usually found in the axon of a neuron. This helps in the functioning of the nervous system as a whole. Its production is called myelination, which occurs during the fourteenth week of fetal development. Myelination occurs rapidly during the infancy period of an individual, thus, requiring him to eat food rich in fats.The myelin sheathÂ’s main function is to speed up the impulses that were sent along the fiber that has a myelin sheath (myelinated fiber). Impulses are nerve signals received by our various senses like the sense of hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight. In myelinated fibers, these impulses hop on one Ranvier node to the other. On the other hand, impulses were sent by waves on unmyelinated fibers.If a single peripheral fiber has been damaged, the myelin sheath gives off a track that is responsible for its regeneration. The myelin sheath does not always attain the perfect regeneration for each fiber. Sometimes, the correct muscle fibers are nowhere to be found so some motor neurons of the peripheral nervous system die. When the myelin layer is damaged, the individual may be prone to a higher level of dysfunctionality.Unmyelinated fibers and myelinated axons of the mammalian central nervous system do not regenerate.

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