Myocardial infarction process and nursing priorities

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic myocardial infarction process and nursing priorities. When diagnosing for either angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, several questions must be asked to determine which of the two the patient is suffering from. When diagnosing for either angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, several questions must be asked to determine which of the two the patient is suffering from. These questions include.1. How is the feeling. is it a sharp stabbing pain, is it tightness or pressure on the chest? 2. When was the first time you had such a feeling? 3. Was there anything that could have stimulated the pain? 4. Is the pain from a specific area or its general? 5. What duration can an attack take, few seconds, a few minutes or more than five minutes? 6. How does the pain come, does it commence slowly or it comes all at once? 7. Is the pain accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, numbness or even tingling? 8. Do you feel like the pain is spreading out to the neck or jaws? 9. Which activities worsen the situation such as sudden movements of the body, physical activities like exercising or even breathing? 10. Do you experience discomfort and pain when swallowing? 11. What undertaking eases the pain such as resting, taking deep breathes or just sitting up? 12. Is there a family history of heart diseases or personal predisposition when it comes to cardiac-related illness? 13. Have you ever smoked cigarettes or exposed to secondary smoking? 14. Do you have a history of previous medication and allergies? Electrocardiogram (ECG)- This is used to measure the impulse produced by the heart. The impulse produced is then represented by a pattern that shows the dysfunction ie whether it is a total obstruction (Mi) or partial (angina). For many angina patients, the ECG is usually normal.ECG is only carried out on patients with stable angina.An echocardiogram is where sound waves are utilized to check for the condition of the heart. The waves produce images that are then used to visualize whether there are blockages or damages to the heart arterials. This depends on the x-ray imaging. It is part of cardiac catheterization used in checking for blood vessels in the heart. This has also been used in the evaluation of the lungs where there is an accumulation of fluids in the chest cavity. Measures the flow of blood to the myocardium at rest and during stress. This resembles a regular stress test but in nuclear, a radioactive component is injected to the bloodstream (Mommersteeg et al., 2013). A scanner is used for detecting and creating images of the heart muscle. Deficient flow is indicated by light spots on the images. Beta-blockers block the effects of hormone epinephrine such as adrenaline while prasugrel and ticagrel prevent blood from clotting, On the other hand, statins cholesterol levels in the blood. Calcium channel blockers which relax and widens blood vessels (Mommersteeg et al., 2013).

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