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Napoleon III & The Rebuilding of Paris

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Napoleon III & The Rebuilding of Paris. It will be seen that, “a few years later, he did restore the empire, styling himself Napoleon the third, and in the two decades after 1850, he rebuilt much of Paris” (p. 3). His desire for glory and honor was what drove him all the way. He wanted to leave a name for himself, so that posterity may remember him. Pinkney endeavours to propose that the present beauty of Paris owes its gratitude to Napoleon, and this he does well in his book. He defends his proposal by elaborating in great detail the efforts that Napoleon put in order for us to be able to enjoy present day Paris. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte had been sent to life imprisonment for charges of trying to overthrow the nation. However, he managed to escape from his prison, and two years later came back to Paris to run for Presidency, which he won. His presidency lasted from 1852 to1870. During his term as President he seriously modified the face of Paris to the beauty that it now is. Many of the beautiful structures that the French people enjoy in Paris owe their gratitude to Napoleon the third. These changes did not come without some resistance, but as President, his vote counted big and he was able to set in motion the building of these beautiful edifices. He made Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Pinkney seems to agree that Napoleon did a good thing in rebuilding Paris, this sentiment is seen in his efforts to elaborates the condition of Paris before Napoleon initiated his changes. He says that, “alley-like streets without issue, slams without light and air, houses without water, boulevards without trees, crowding unrelieved by parks, and sewers spreading noxious odors” (p. 24). This was the condition of Paris before the rebuilding was initiated. This type of condition gave birth to a lot of problems, both physically and psychologically. With the lack of good sanitation, diseases flourished all over the city. A city looking like a peasants abode, is also sure to cause depression and laziness in the minds of the people, because the surrounding can also have a psychological effect to the citizens of the land. Another problem that added to this effect was the fact that many people were migrating from the rural areas to the urban. Therefore the urban became a concentrated place with people striving to own a place to live. This is quite common because most people have a common ideology that the city has more opportunities for income. Which if clearly analysed will prove to be an exaggeration. Napoleon understood that the popular uprisings that were taking place at that time would interfere with his plans in one way or another. Therefore with this problem, he reasoned that, the jobs created by such a program would be so numerous that uprising’s will not only stay clear from his program, but they will also diminish because the people that participated I those uprisings would have job opportunities in this massive citywide program. Therefore, instead of attacking it, they will be the first ones to defend it. Furthermore, if this strategy failed to keep back the uprisings from interfering with his program, he would easily send out an army to the streets and crash out the rebels. With these plans in his mind he rejoiced at the prospect of his program. Whatever problem may choose to arise, he had an answer to it. Napoleon was a man that would do anything in order to accomplish his goals.

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