National response for climate change

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Paper must be at least 500 words. The one point is clear: “now there is no concerned national response for climate change”.No, the video didn’t sway me regarding my opinion, as there are lots of neosporimih facts, which prove that global warming is an ecological problem. Sure, carbon dioxide is a “plant food”, but still while deforestation takes place, carbon dioxide emissions only increase. Sceptics call it “life”, but I consider that that is pollution.Though I believe that the issue of global warming has already become an instrument of political manipulation, I don’t think that initially “was not based on science but was a political consensus, which included a number of scientists”.Skeptics had found the seats at the table, and one of them was Myron Ebel, who was acting on a broad strategy by his action plan “Victory Will Be achieved” in order to make public recognize uncertainties in climate science.State Senator David Rouzer considers that climate of the Earth is changing from the wery beginning of the world, so it is difficult to continue coastline study and define the correlation between climate change, global warming and sea-level change.Nevertheless, when cap-and-trade came up for a vote in the House in 2009, it passed, with eight Republicans on board and was supported by President Barack Obama. Sen. John Kerry also took part in coming to an uneasy consensus, that “galvanized the action of people who opposite it”.I consider that Administration shouldn’t ignore the problem of global warming. In addition, there should be taken some actions in order to protect America’s citizens from the consequences of climate change.Finally, as “now there is no concerned national response for climate change”, something should be done on international level. US Administration should cooperate with governments and scientist of other countries in order to prove the existence and that to solve the problems of global

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