Nature Of The Mind

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Essay on Nature Of The Mind. Paper must be at least 500 words. This means that whatever is conceived in the mind is also logically possible. For instance, a person can assume a nonphysical state upon conception of that thought. In this case, the person disregards the body as an indispensable feature of his being. This, according to Descartes, implies that the mind is an important feature to that individual. Therefore, the person is an immaterial, thinking being (Vaughn 63).Chalmers theory of mind is known as property dualism. He asserts that mind states or properties are different from physical states. The mental states emanates from physical properties but not necessarily identical to them. This implies that the relationship between the states of mind and physical properties is that of supervenience. In this case, the mental states are more powerful than physical states. However, the existence of mind states largely depends on the physical states. From this relationship, there exists a kind of dualism between nonphysical and physical features. He concludes that mind features are superior to physical properties.From the provisions of the two theories, there arise similarities and differences. The most striking similarity is that of acknowledging the mind as superior to the physical states. In the argument presented by Descartes, superiority of the mind emerges when existence of physical states is brought about by the mind. This shows the power of the mind to create and dismiss the physical states. Similarly, arguments brought forward by Chalmers recognize the mind as the all-powerful entity between the two. Physical properties are given meaning by the mind (Vaughn 66).The arguments differ from each other when in-depth analysis and evaluation are done. There is no superficial difference observable but it takes the examination approach to bring it to the surface. The difference is evident when prescriptive and descriptive aspects are considered. Descartes’ argument implies

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