Nature poets

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Directions:First Write on only one of the two topics below;Questions1.Romantic poets are often referred to as “nature poets,” and as poets that pay attention to the issues affecting their societies. Use two poets from the Romantic period to discuss this claim. Or2.Writers of the Romantic period upheld the slogans of the French Revolution. Identify these slogans and show how they are reflected in the works of at least two of these writers.Third- Plan to spend several days on the essay, being careful to provide a clear and precise thesis that addresses and answers the question; – Use facts from the works selected to support your argument; – Use critical secondary sources (at least three) to support your essay; utilize standard English in the essay; – Employ essay structure and essay map (studied in class) in composing your essay; – Demonstrate familiarity with the context of the works selected; and provide adequate details and explanation of ideas to support your argument

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