Navis SWOT analysis

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Write a 2 page essay on Navis SWOT analysis. Several forces control the performance of the shipping industry. One of them is the seasonal nature of the business, whereby some times of the year have more goods for transport than other seasons (Boyd, 2007). The industry is also dependent on the weather whereby poor weather conditions may affect the navigation of ships. The strengths of these forces are that they may positively increase the quantity of goods for transport and because of a higher demand, push up the prices. However, they also result in other weaknesses, such that firms are always found unable to foresee an unsustainable rise in demand, which makes it difficult to control the sector during high seasons. Additionally, instead of companies focusing on the provision of new services through innovation, it only considers increasing the size of its fleet, which at times is unsustainable, considering the fact that the industry is sometimes seasonal (Boyd, 2007).

Other than the weather, inflicted cause, over the years, the nature of the forces has been dependent on the performance of the economy. Since the recovery from the economic recession, the industry has significantly experienced a positive improvement with the companies sharpening their strategies to gain significant controls of the market share in the industry (PWC, 2011).From the analysis, companies that will be able to use data mining tools to foresee rising demands of services at different times of the year will have a competitive edge over others. Consequently, those who consider implementing innovative solutions to their services are also likely to record a positive performance over those that do not.

Navis as a firm tends to have various resources and skills that tend to relish value and quality. The instance implies that the company is capable of giving peculiar services to customers that tend to hold a real return. The firm thus does not only handle products but also handles…….

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