Need for health care services

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Need for health care services. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Reasons given for the inaccessibility of such services vary from family or individual to individual, the most common being the high rates charged by the service providers.

Provision of insurance covers is a business in which after accessing covers, people pay monthly or annual premiums. The rate of the premiums is never directly proportional to the type and quality of coverage provided,this therefore influences a number of people to opt for self-settlement of medical bills in the health facilities in case of an emergency (Aday 81). On of the main mandates of the government is to ensure that every American accesses quality health care services, the national insurance cover provision is not widely accepted despite fact that it is a lot subsidized. This follows the claims that private health service providers have proliferated most of the regions in the country making access to public facilities a lot difficult.

The choice to take up a cover or not to is a personal decision and the state cannot ever impose such choices on its citizens. However, the government should influence the process of making such decisions by ensuring that the public has the general knowledge on the policies and should further [provide incentives to the access of such services. All state employees have insurance premiums paid for them by the government (OCarroll 88).

However, the government does very little in effecting the acquisition of such services especially to most of the poor population in the country. Most of Americans in private business make this choice entirely by themselves, the exorbitant rates charged by most of the service providers and the uncertainty that characterizes such services eventually influences most of them on the contrary.Those employed in the private sectors have their employers provide them with such services as a means of motivation and to boost their morale to work. The employer provides a basic percentage of the cover by……

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