Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution

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Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (Connect, Perform) Use your knowledge of distributive and integrative negotiation to select the best answers for the following questions.In this form of alternative dispute resolution, a third party attempts to build a positive relationship between two other parties. The outcome of the process is to facilitate a settlement which can be binding if both parties agree.

Arbitration Conciliation Mediation

Every dollar one manager gets from the company’s total budget is a dollar another manager does not get.Alternative dispute resolution

Integrative negotiation Distributive negotiation

Choose the best conflict de-escalation strategy for the situation.As you enter the “action over words” stage of a conflict with a coworker, you notice that your coworker is starting to talk to you less and is using more threatening body language.Be an empathetic listener

Avoid communicating hostility verbally or through body language

Use delay tactics to buy time for the two of them to diffuse their emotions

Match each situation with the term or concept that best describes it. Differing task goals

Resource constraints

Poor communication

Differing process goals

ChangeInformation conflict

Interpersonal differences

Values conflict

Task interdependence

Structural conflict

Some of your coworkers feel that the organization should be focused on maximizing the firm’s profits while others feel that the firm should be focused on doing the maximum good for the maximum number of people.Because e-mail restricts the richness of communication and increases the chances for misunderstanding, this type of conflict is more likely when people communicate via e-mail compared to face-to-face or over the telephone.Because this type of conflict is due to organizational design, adjusting the design often reduces or eliminates the conflict.3. Conflict resolution behaviors (Connect, Perform)Use your knowledge of conflict resolution to select the best responses for the following questions.If you are mediating a conflict, what action should you take?Ask open rather than leading questions

Take a side as early as you can

Try to get both parties to see you as the enemy so that they are more willing to work together

Professionals in conflict resolution training suggest four areas of skill development. Three of them are listening, communicating nonverbally, and mediating. What is the fourth? Remaining neutral

Demonstrating empathy


Which of the following is NOT a mediation skill?Staying nonjudgmental

Open expression of emotion

Showing resiliency

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