Neurosis as a gendered disease

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Write a 6 pages paper on neurosis as a gendered disease or a female disposition. The text invites the readers to be its addressees by highlighting the oppressive conditions of married women through the case of a neurotic patient. It interpellates people to become addressees through using setting, symbolism, irony, and changes in language to help readers understand what it is like to be married, especially to a doctor. Projection pertains to how people see others based on how they view themselves. Gallop calls this as the “photographic negative of our image of the self” (15). The “controlling value” pertains to what the text seeks to tell the readers, readers who the author wants to “hold” so that they can “see eye to eye with the implied author” (Seitz 146). The “narrator” refers to the “implied author” with whom the readers are supposed to “connect” with (Seitz 141). The “addressee” pertains to the readers who the text wants to influence with its “controlling value.” The addressee is different from the “reader” who can participate in the “reading” of the text through “social engagement which consists of both reception and participation” (Seitz 143). Interpellation refers to how the text aims to engage and influence readers and turn them into “interested readers” who can “persuade themselves” that they also believe in the texts (Seitz 147). The “controlling value” of the text is to emphasize that married women get the worst deal. they become “women” under “men” and the protagonist of the text has the worse bargain because she is married to a male doctor, which means two patriarchal structures are combined to oppress her. The narrative works rhetorically by using a neurotic wifes conditions to underline the oppressive conditions of married women and the patriarchal structure of medicine.

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