New bomb calorimeter

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

You just received a new bomb calorimeter.The factory calibration states that the heatcapacity of the calorimeter itself is 50 J/K(Ccal = 50 J/K). You decide to check for yourself what Ccalis; you ?ll the calorimeter with2 L of water, and detonate 1 g of sugar whichyou know releases 4000 calories of heat. Youthen measure a temperature change of 1.9881K. What value of Ccal do you calculate foryour new calorimeter and is this value within5 J/K of the factory value? The speci?c heatcapacity of water is 1 calorie · g?1· K?1, thedensity of water is 1 g · mL?1, and 1 calorie =4.184 J.

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