No End in Sight

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Need an argumentative essay on No End in Sight. Needs to be 2 pages. Bodine’s view of the reconstruction was to reach out to the Iraqis and identify government technocrats, as well as civil leaders who can effectively run the state (Shaikh 1). For a short period of time, she achieved a lot. What fascinated me about her was that, in such a demanding atmosphere, she managed to identify the best steps to be taken and how they would go about evaluating the steps.

Richard Lee Armitage was an ex-deputy secretary of State Department. According to Armitage, the Iraq reconstruction was all about promoting world peace. He considered Iraq to be a threat to world peace (Shaikh 1). Armitage was also quite congenial during the interview, and that is fascinated me about him.The film covered the Iraq occupation mainly through interviews. The interviewees were mainly significant figures who were charged with managing the restriction. It dwelled on the mistakes that the Bush Administration during its occupation of Iraq (Shaikh 1). What shocked me was that the lack of security, rise of insurgency, lack of basic services and also, at one instance, the risk of a civil war, was caused by the mistakes made by Americans.

If an outside power occupied my country and allowed widespread looting to take place and did not protect my country’s historical monuments, then I would consider them as taking us for granted. I would also think that their purpose for occupying our nation was for their own benefit. This will make me think of ways to remove them from my country. I will also make me despise the outside power.As depicted in the film, the daily lives of Iraqis were looting, fighting each other, killing each other and widespread demonstrations. Homes were burnt down, so people became homeless. Also, the country came to a standstill (Shaikh 1). In fact, during this period, Iraq could not be considered a country because even its leaders had exiled the nation and some killed.

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