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Normal Flow of Events

Make a Use case diagram using the info in the “Normal Flow of Events” section of this documentUse Case Name: Signdn Importance Level: HighPrimary Actor: Customer Use Case Type: Detail. Essential Stakeholders and Interests:Customer — Signs in or creates loyalty account Loyalty Program —Allows customer to manage account infon’nation Brief Description: This use-case describes how the user will create and interact with account information Trigger: Customer launches loyalty applicationType: External Relationships:Association: customerinclude: Extend: lCreate Account 1. Customer launches loyalty application 2. Loyalty application prompt user to sign in or create account3 . Account information is displayed4. Customer can View and scan harcode, loyalty level and points AltornatelExccptional Flows: NM Llae Case Name: Redeem Rewards Importance Level: HighPrimary Actor: Customer Use Case Type: Detail. Essential Stakeholders and Interests:Customer-r views and redeems rewards Loyalty System — displays information and other features Brief Description: This usercase describes how the customer will interact with the loyalty program and redeemrewards Trigger: Customer signs into loyalty applicationTime: ExternalRelationships:Association: customerinclude:Extend: Noti?cationsGeneralization: Loyalty informationNormal Flow of Events:1. Customer signs into application2. Customer selects rewards tab3. Loyalty system displays Mild infomaiion4. Customer redmrs rewards in storeSubFiows: WA Altematet’Exceptional Flows: NlA

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