Number of productivity problems/ issues

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

You are about to hold a meeting for the management team in your organization. A number of productivity problems/ issues need to be discussed and you have asked one of the managers to prepare a presentation (which includes a PowerPoint presentation) on what productivity means and how it can be increased/ improved.Where would you such a meeting and why would you choose this venue?Draw up a list of the equipment and resources (including hardcopy handouts) you would need and describe ( or draw a diagram of) the seating arrangements you would organise.How would you structure the meeting and what timeframes would apply — taking into consideration the needs of the organization, the problems that need to be resolved and the optimum timeframes for effective meetings. Give reasons for you answers.When and how would you distribute the agenda? Goal Identification: the level of performance to be delivered should be specific and measurable. Performance indicators: Clear indicators to measure the performance level delivered bythe employee…

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