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Two Part Essay on Nutrition Paperpart 1: Abstract paper part 2: Final paper Nutrition for Special Populations Paper Students will select a special population in which nutrition plays a key role in the maintenance of health and wellbeing. Students will use reading and lecture information as well as peer-reviewed articles to prepare a research paper about nutritional considerations for their special population.Selecting a Special Population (5 points)Select a population for which nutrition is important for maintenance of health/wellbeing. This should not be a specific disease state (diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, etc.). You can select a population at a certain stage of life (pediatrics, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, geriatrics), a population involved in a specific activity (sports, certain occupations, etc.). If you have other ideas for special populations, email your instructor to get approval before submitting. Selection of your special population is due by 2/10/2019. Please select your population using the assignment on Blackboard.  Paper Sections:Your paper should address the following areas in the main body of your paper:·         Description of your population. It would be appropriate to include epidemiological information, demographics information, and general background data here.·         Nutritional considerations for your population. This will be the bulk of your paper. It will most likely be broken up into sections based on specific nutrients or other considerations (examples- fluids, calorie needs, dietary variety, carbohydrates, etc.). The specific names of the headings you use will be up to you.·         Nutrition products that may be beneficial for this population. Does your population require specialized food products? These may include: thickened liquids, infant formula, specialized hydration products, etc.·         Typical daily intake of this population. What would a typical day of intake look like for your population? Describe approximate energy needs, types of food consumed, how meals/snacks are structured.·         Resources for your specific population to find nutrition information. If you were to refer a person in your population for nutrition advice, where would you send them? This may be websites, organizations, healthcare providers, etc.Format of Paper:Papers should be written using strict APA Formatting. Your paper should include a Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. Please refer to the Purdue OWL website for more information about using APA Formatting Style: of Paper:There is no specific paper length required, though your paper should thoroughly address the sections listed above.References:References should be scientific sources, including peer-reviewed articles, textbooks, and books. Websites may be used, but should not make up the majority of your citations. You should use 8-10 sources at minimum, at least half of which should be peer-reviewed articles.

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