Nutrition supplementation and lifestyle

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 2000 words assignment on nutrition supplementation and lifestyle. The social cognitive theory has been widely used in health communication. Contento (2010) posits that this theory is associated with rational thinking or perceptions, expressive facets, and also other facets of behaviour aimed at comprehending alteration of behaviours. According to this theory, there are three factors namely environment, human beings, and behaviour. These factors affect or impact on each other. The scope of application of this theory comprises of health education plans of actions, as well as other strategies aimed at elevating the nutritional status of children. Elevating nutritional status through increasing the varieties of foods accessible for children encompasses change of certain behaviours, personal perceptions, as well as environmental issues. Personal perceptions would involve individual perceptions regarding breastfeeding. Environmental factors for consideration involve factors that offer prospects and chances for collective sustenance or upkeep. These include the domestication of animals to be used as food sources and growing or farming of traditional vegetables and other food crops with high nutritional value. One of the techniques that can be adopted to ensure children benefit from the food they eat is increasing their food varieties. In some parts of the world especially in the developing countries particularly in Africa, a great proportion of young children rarely get their daily nutritional requirements. Nutritionally speaking, food variety denotes the diversity and variations of foodstuffs transversely in all five commonly recognised food groups. This ought to be incorrect and globally endorsed and commended levels. Therefore, ensuring children diversify their diet is of significance as it assists and supports them in sustaining a vigorous as well as a&nbsp.fascinating or remarkable regime or nutrition, and at the same time avails a range of regimen to the body of the child. Subsequently, this would help prevent common health conditions among children such as kwashiorkor and marasmus.

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