Nutritional Assessment Concerns

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 750 words essay on Nutritional Assessment Concerns in Competitive athletes Population. Another athlete concern is which best food supplements to take. The food supplements contain different quantities of vitamins, minerals, and other food needs. The article, Supplement Use in Sports: Is There a Potentially Dangerous Incongruence Between Rationale and Practice? ((Petroczi & Naughton, 2007), focuses on the dietary supplements to enhance athletes’ sports performance. The research centered on the athletes’ improved sports performance by enhancing their dietary intake. The researches delved into the analyzing the evident patterns when comparing the intake and rationale in terms of the athletes’ dietary supplements. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, herbal products, and amino acids. The research also shows that the overdose of food supplements have toxic side effects on the athletes.In addition, the article, Comparison of pre-worked nitric oxide stimulating dietary supplements on skeletal muscle oxygen saturation, blood nitrate/nitrite, lipid peroxidation, and upper body exercise performance in Resistance Trained Men (Canale et al., 2010), focuses on research on three different pre-workout food supplements. The research focused on the effect of the food supplements of the athletes’ skeletal muscle oxygen saturation, blood nitrate/nitrite, lactate, malondialdehyde, and exercise outcomes. The research conclusions state only GlycoCarn supplement offers practical boosting benefits to the athletes.Another athlete concern is the effect of food supplements on enhancing the elderly athletes’ sports performance. In response, the article Arginine and Antioxidant Supplement on Performance in Elderly Male Cyclists: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Chen et al, 2010) focused on food supplements’ capacity to enhance sports performance, answering this concern. The research focused on the

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