Occupational Health and Safety Administration

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Paper must be at least 1250 words. These questions aredescription of the value of the value of health management guidelines, the value of safety precautions, methods of educating employers on OSHA compliance, effects of incentives to management, risks that might emanate from inadequate management(Connors and Gena, 4). It is important to identify the value of health management and safety precautions in an organization. Employees within an organization have a right for the safeguarding of their health, and it is the duty of the employer to initiate measures that will ensure employees are protected from the health risks that emanate from their works. On this note therefore, observance of the values of health management in an organization is an important procedure of professionally creating awareness and methods of managing OSHA compliance within an organization.It is also important to analyze the efficient methods that OSHA experts can use in educating employers on OSHA regulations. This is because without their collaboration, it is impossible to achieve the objective of OSHA regulations (Reich, 9). It is employers who implement the OSHA regulations, and it is they, who are charged in case they fail to implement these regulations. In developing my professional expertise in the awareness and methods of managing OSHA compliance in an organization, it is important therefore to know and understand the most efficient method of educating employers on the importance of OSHA regulations.It is also important to understand the types of risks that employees of an organization can face.

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