Occupational stress

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Occupational stress: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies. Needs to be 3 pages. The fundamental remedy in resolving the problems of occupational stress is the identification of occupational stress. It is the removal or minimization of causes of occupational stress that possesses the relevant remedy to the problems of occupational stress.The presence of occupational stress brings negative effects. Organizations working performance, working efficiency, individual and aggregate output. these are the fundamental organizational factors that are directly or indirectly affected by the occupational stress.Motivated and healthy employees ensure a successful organisation. Long gone are those days when employees were treated a person worth giving a salary. Nowadays, many factors such as motivation, occupational stress, and employee welfare have become so essential that without implementing them, no organisation can even imagine to properly carry out its business operations. It would not be incorrect to say that stress-free and motivated employees determine the future of organisations. Although technology has considerably been able to replace the human effort, yet it is the human effort that ensures the appropriate functioning of technology. The main purpose of this research concept paper is to highlight those causes that create and increase the chances of occupational stress.Research methodology determines the way to answer the research questions. It provides a framework by which a process of research is carried out. And for attaining such objectives, primary and secondary research methods are used.&nbsp.

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