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Oppotunities for Innovation

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Oppotunities for Innovation.require lightweight suitcase(s) of excellent quality that they can use to carry important documents, valuables such as cash, laptops, cell phones, books, cameras etc and other personal belongings. After conducting an extensive research (by our marketers and research and development staff) and “listening to consumers” (Flores, 1993, 95) we reached a conclusion that customers require a lightweight and multi-purpose suitcase that can facilitate them and make their traveling experience pleasant and hassle-free. The unavailability of this kind of product in market provides us an opportunity to develop and market “Ecase” that can best suit individual consumer needs and fulfill their want/desire/demand of a quality lightweight suitcase which can also be used as a handbag.Marketers have observed changes in customers’ perceptions because of globalization and more exposure to media and new advertising strategies. The fast and speedy lives of people have compelled them to demand products that suit them in this fast and changing environment. In this scenario, marketers at Albert are required to gain “new knowledge” and information so that they could develop and market new products that ease the consumers. In this case, the marketers have developed a new “Ecase” to facilitate customers and make their journey more comfortable.The marketers will focus on individualized items rather than generic products because each situations and lifestyles. Changes in designs of “Ecase” will be made by taking into considerations the above mentioned things.The first attribute is that Ecase will be made of a very light material “Carbon” to ensure a lightweight suitcase to store and keep different things. This will drastically reduce the

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