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Organisational Change in the Oticon

Organizational Change in the Oticon. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The above issues regarding creativity appear in all aspects of life including business activities. In the case of Oticon, creativity has been expressed mostly through the initiatives taken by its president, Lars Kolind, who managed to apply an innovative strategy of change in all the company’s sectors within the 10 years that remained in the firm’s presidency. The whole creative management response of Kolind regarding Oticon is presented in Appendix Ia where the most important strategic decisions of Kolind had been summarized in order to create an ‘alternative Creative Management Response Model’ as presented in Appendix I. As shown in Appendix Ia, the main characteristics of change management applied by Kolind were the redefinition of the company’s vision, the creation of the project-based scheme of operation, the enhancement of the trust towards the employees, the development of technology used in all corporate sectors (from the administration department to the production area) and the set of short-term goals rather than the long term plans which were proved to be inadequate for the company’s development in the modern commercial area. On the other hand, the reduction in the number of employees as taken place in the initial phase of change (in fact in the first two years of Kolind’s presidency) was only temporary and the restructuring of the company’s administration, as well as the reassignment of activities, led to the development of company’s performance on a continuous basis. Towards this direction, the enhancement of communication in the internal environment, as well as the promotion of the team work (through the cooperation of groups on a specific project), also supported the effectiveness of the strategy of change applied by Kolind. Every form of metaphor has its particular role in the business strategy (in accordance with the targets set by the organization’s leader) and it can be used along with other tools of strategic management in order to lead to specific results.

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