Organization and service management

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Organization and service management in financial services Basically, investment analyst key roles include evaluating investment potential and studying economic trends (Leon, 2012). Thus, as an investment analyst, one needs to ensure that he or she understands financial information including company accounts, data as well as financial statements. Similarly, they should be aware of the political events and current economic data including the trend of the stock market (Orman, 1997). Major skills that the investment analyst must posses includes skills related to examining and interpreting data retrieved to form various sources and identifying the impact of such information on the investment decisions (Thorp, 2010). As mentioned earlier, investment analysts are hired by various types of employers. These include banks, investment companies, public and private companies among others (Trinder, 2000). Additionally, social groups that have opened bank accounts to save their annual or monthly contribution may hire the services of investment analysts in order to guide them on how to effectively invest their funds. In the UK and other countries, investment analyst jobs can be found in pension funds, hedge funds and real estate firms, charitable organizations, a large corporation as well as wealthy individuals. As finance students, we were trained on the various skills that are needed by an investment analyst. Most importantly, the course has exposed me on how to conduct extensive research on companiesÂ’ market data as well as reading their financial statements.&nbsp.Through the guidance of our instructors, we were able to form a strong team with other course mates an aspect that prepared us in our future assignments (Griffiths, 1990).

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