Organization: General Motors Company

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 3 page essay on the topic Organization: General Motors Company (GM) Terence.This paper will seek to evaluate the implications of the two approaches in a particular business organization.General Motors is a company that specializes in the manufacture and design of motor machinery, and other automobiles globally. The company y is structured in such a way that it has branches worldwide, so as to enhance its efficiency globally. The company has a mission statement which stipulates the aims of the organization. The mission statement relates the organization’s activities and their objectives, which are to become the leading transport services and product provider globally. The corporate strategy of the organization, therefore, outlines the aims and objectives of the organization, which are also stipulated in the company’s mission and vision statements (Klaes, 2013).The company has its organizational structure made in a way that it follows the philosophy of management. For instance, the company uses both transaction costs and organizational rational theories. For the transaction cost theory, it is evident that the organization attempts to produce their products and supply them to the whole world (Douma & Schreuder, 2012). This case shows that the organization is ready to supply the products to the market, rather than keeping them in the firm. On the rational theory, the organization is ready to achieve its set goals, which are to become the leading transport service and products provider.For any organization to run effectively, there ought to be certain mechanisms that are put in place by the management of that particular organization. The needs of the management team would dictate the direction of the organization, since the success depends on the deeds of the organizations’ leaders. For this company, the management needs that have the reality of bottom-line effectiveness can be linked to the management activities that have

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