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Organization of warships

The following questions test your familiarity with basic research, reference and composition skills. Some questions refer to passages, while other questions are self-contained. For each question, choose the best answer.5. fleet n. 1: The largest organized unit of naval ships grouped for tactical or other purposes 2: The largest organization of warships under the command of a single officer 3: A number of    naval vessels or vessels carrying armed crew members 4: A large group of ships, airplanes, trucks, etc., operated by a single company or under the same ownership 5: A large group of airplanes, automobiles, etc., moving or operating togetheradj. swift; rapid. v. to move swiftly; fly, to change position; shift; archaic a: to glide along like a stream b: to fade; vanish 6: To cause time to pass lightly or swiftlyWhich of the following statements is NOT supported by the definition above?A. The word “fleet” has only nautical meanings. B. The word “fleet” refers to vehicles that carry people. C. “Fleet” can be a noun or an adjective. D. The word “fleet” can refer to something that happens quickly. E. An organized “fleet” can progress simultaneously.

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