Organizational behavior of a housing group

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 7 page paper that discusses organizational behavior of a housing group dedicated to delivery of services. Strategic decisions are taken on the information and information changes by the minute. It has been found that major decisions have been taken without consultation as the senior managers are under pressure to perform under time constraints. Housing is being allotted at times without taking into facts like the number of people or without scrutinizing their backgrounds. Besides, during a legal dispute, email contents that were essentially internal communication were highlighted. Hence security measures too are lacking.Any communication system involves people, technology, and equipment. Information from the top is conveyed through email because it is easy to conduct over great distances. Policy decisions and information can be conveyed through this channel across all departments and offices without fear of distortion of the message because at this level the relationships are established and chances of misunderstandings are remote. Besides, email and communication can take place even when the receiver is not physically present in the office. He can access the information at his convenience and convey it further down the line.They have been communicating strictly and only via email for urgent as well as simple routine work. This is also the most cost-effective method of communication. There is hardly ever any face-to-face (F2F) communication and managers have become used to giving instructions and even firing over email. The subordinates do not feel comfortable in direct communication and prefer to hide behind an email to express their grievances. Even leave application is made and granted through emails. This lack of personal touch affects service delivery and the firm may not be able to achieve its goal of excellent quality of service. As such, the firm is advised to alter its mode of communication.According to Haden (2006), today e-mail has become the standard practice within an organization to exchange information even within the organization.

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