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Organizational behavior review and periodicals

Research paper on management and organizational behavior review and periodicals. Needs to be 5 pages. Even in this electronic age when one can access all the information on internet. the importance of a good text cannot be ignored. Recommended Text Book on Management and Organizational Behavior: It is difficult for the management students to find the best and the most comprehensive books on management and organizational behavior. Books on management often fail to cover the subject of organizational behavior completely. There are some books that either revolves around management and basic concepts of management or organizational behavior. However, there are only few books that fully cater the needs of the management students on these topics together. “Management and Organizational Behavior,” is a comprehensive text book by Curtis W. Cook and Phillip L. Hunsaker that fits well with the needs of management students. How This Book is Unique and Different: This book provides a complete source of information to the students of business management. Each chapter in this book is explained in simple and easy language with different charts, tables and models. It is hard to find such a simple book on the most complicated and hard subject. Many students find it difficult to understand the core concepts, ideas and different theories but in this book, authors have comprehensively elaborated each and every point with examples and simple models. In short, we can say that this books matches perfectly with the curriculum and other study requirements of the students. Table of Contents: This book is comprised of total 15 chapters. Each chapter defines and highlights a new concept with examples from corporate world on management and business. The table of contents is comprised of the following chapters: Chapter 1: Managing People and Organizations Chapter 2: Strategic Thinking, Planning & Continuous Improvement Chapter 3: Organizing Work and People Chapter 4: Creating and Modifying Organizational Culture Chapter 5: Perception, Learning and Personality Chapter 6: Motivation Chapter 7: Motivation, Methods and Applications Chapter 8: Communicating for Understanding and Results Chapter 9: Creating Productive Interpersonal Relations Chapter 10: Building Groups into Teams Chapter 11: Conflict Management and Negotiations Chapter 12: Ethical Problem Solving and Decision Making Chapter 13: Power and Politics Chapter 14: Leadership Chapter 15: Change The Core Concept of the Book: This book discusses different ideas, principles and concepts that are used in the implementation of an effective management within an organization. This book helps the students to understand the core concepts of an effective management system and organization in a simple way that how managers can play an effective role in an organization, how to deal with the cultural diversity, motivate an employee and how one can strategize the policies effectively to attain an organization’s goals and objectives. It is often hard for the management students to understand the basic concepts of management and organizational behavior as well as to build a relation between the two. The language used by the authors is simple and easily understandable even for the foreign students. At various places the authors have used some technical business terms which make the book more professionally themed in order to develop the knowledge of the corporate world in the minds of the students and to prepare them for the professional world.

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