Organizational paradigm

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Write a 9 page essay on Submit a 3150-3850 word description of a new organizational paradigm and analyze the ways in which an existing organization could operate within that paradigm.30% of all employees are Americans and 70 % of employees come form different cultures. The Bell group is specialized in hotel and resort services. It is expected that technology and knowledge will be the main issues changing the world over the next 5 yeas. The new organization paradigm will be based on innovative technologies and introduction of knowledge management initiatives.

The division of horal and reports is based on traditional centralized structure. In order to keep control over the assets that are invested into these new business alliances, Bell Group establishes a hierarchical structure of formal control for them. This depends on the significance of the alliance and the potential danger associated with losing key internal resources. Control is an important factor which helps to integrator tasks across teams and has the potential for redesigning the entire organization in terms of job descriptions or promotion schemes, management frequently lacks the commitment to change the entire control structure of the organization.

Thus, personal change was a crucial element of learning and organizational change. The potential lies in a reduction of the number of middle managers or a change in the authority structure. It is, however, only when the full potential of technology has been realized that organizational structure changes become more visible. It may therefore take time to notice the long-term effect of increased technology use on organizational design (Bolman and Deal 2003).

The greater the degree of specialization, the greater the tendency to concentrate on individual functions while losing sight of overall federal objectives. Thus, conflicts arise among group, functional, and territorial politicians, even though all are preoccupied with the same policy and strategies. Today, decentralization of decision making varies among departments and employees (Hesselbein et al`1997). It is supposed that….

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