Organizational Structure

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Instructions STEP 1: Organizational Structure Take a look at the Organization Chart provided by the company.• Based on your knowledge of hierarchies, would you say that this team has a tall structure or flat structure?

Explain your answer. Tall Structure Flat Structure

STEP 3: LEADERSHIP STYLE You have been asked to help improve the leadership style of the team leader in order to meet the team’s performance goals. The team leader has given you a description of what is most comfortable in terms of leading others.• Identify this leader’s style of leadership.

3 NOTE: You should complete Steps 3 & 4 after reading the material in Week 9.


The company would like to improve the culture of its team and the quality of its work.Its leadership has provided you with a Process Chart detailing how it currently applies Human Resources best practices.• What step of the Human Resources Cycle is missing? Explain why it is important to include this part of the process. Pace setting Visionary Affiliative Coaching Coercive Democratic• Provide advice to the team leader on how to overcome the drawbacks of this leadership style.

4• Explain your reasoning and list two benefits and two drawbacks to the style of leadership you identified as it relates to the performance of the team.

STEP 4: REAL-WORLD Application

Apply the thinking in Steps 1 – 3 as if you were a Leadership Consultant hired by the company where you work or for a previous employer.• Review the organization chart for your company. Based on your knowledge of hierarchies, would you say that your company’s team has a tall structure or flat structure? How does this affect the way your team works? Explain your answer.

6• Consider the work conducted by the Human Resources team at your company. What steps of the Human Resources Cycle do they implement well? What steps of the Human Resources Cycle might be missing from your company or are not implemented as well as they could be? What is the effect of this on you and your team? Explain your answer.• Lastly, reflect on the leadership style of either yourself or your supervisor. What leadership style do you have, or what leadership style does your supervisor have? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this style for your tea

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