Organizations’ pursuit of continuing resources

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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Organizations’ pursuit of continuing resources from their environment.However, successful organizations enjoy the growth and organizational effectiveness. With the increasing globalization, the competition among the organizations is increasing because in the previous years, only a few organizations used to compete for the resources in a specific geographical location whereas,today, the organizations across the geographical region can also enter to compete for resources. The aim of this study is to discuss the organizationsÂ’ pursuit of continuing resources from their environment. How organizations compete for resources? What are the consequences and costs of obtaining resources? How the attainment of resources varies based on the type of organization, environment and organizationsÂ’ stages of development? In this research study, the answers to all of these questions will be given.In order to investigate the research objectives in this research study, a qualitative research methodology has been used. The secondary information and the research work of the other researchers have been used. The academic publications, theoretical framework, real examples and empirical research have been used to determine the answers to the mentioned questions. Because of the nature of the study and the adopted methodology, the critical analysis approach has been used to quantitatively analyze the collected data and literature.The organizations are highly dependent on their environment to attain the resources for their survival and growth. The interdependence exists between the organizations and environment in the form of transactions, in which the limited resources are exchanged under a competitive environment. Since the organizations compete for these resources therefore, to what extent they have been able to access the resources over a period time, determine their success and organizational effectiveness (Yuchtman & Seashore, 1967).Various relationships exist among organizations

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