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Suppose we need to implement a more accurate timer than the one in the example above, it needs to store the time in milliseconds (a millisecond is 1/1,000 seconds) instead of seconds. Here is a new version of the class Timer, all of the changes are highlighted in grey. Timer    Fields num timeInMilliseconds  boolean isRunning    Methods  timeInMilliseconds = isRunning =  startTimer()  isRunning =  incrementOneMillisecond()  isRunning then  timeInMilliseconds = timeInMilliseconds +  endif  num getTimeInSeconds() timeInMilliSeconds/Do the following:1. Using the original version of Timer, write a main program (main is the code that goes between start and stop) that declares an object of class Timer (if you forgot how, review Week 9 Topic 3: Create objects). Then perform the following steps using the timer object you have created.Reset the timer.Output a message for the user to “press any key”.Input the key press from the user and then immediately start the timer.Output a message for the user to “press any key”.Input the key press from the user and then immediately output the timer’s current time in seconds. 2. Describe any changes to your code that would be required to use the new more accurate implementation of Timer. 3. Using Timer as an example, describe two advantages of encapsulation. How would the two versions of the code have been different if we had used a procedural programming approach (only methods, no classes or objects) instead of an Object-Oriented Programming approach?

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