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Partnering for the Leading Edge

Argumentative essay on Multigenerational Leadership: Partnering for the Leading Edge. Needs to be 2 pages. According to Bourne (2009), it is necessary to address the perceptions of different individuals in a company. This can only be done through understanding the characteristics of a multidisciplinary team. The topic of multidisciplinary team reveals some of the characteristics that influence its leadership. Therefore, it is very relevant especially for the type of audience that has been identified for this paper. Currently, majority of the managers cannot be able to distinguish multi-disciplinary leadership and other form of leaderships. Moreover, majority of the managers are not aware of adjustments that they should do on their leadership styles when they encounter a multigenerational team. After reading this paper, the managers would have knowledge about these two concepts thus they would be able to improve their leadership when they encounter multigenerational teams.The purpose of this paper would be to improve the leadership style of business leaders of different industries. Leaders controls all the decisions made in a company. This makes them to be very crucial to the company they work in making the success of the organization to be always associated with them. However, majority of the leaders in various organizations are currently facing the challenge of handling multigenerational teams. According to Martin & Tulgan (2003), multigenerational teams find it difficult to enhance innovation, productivity, and shared learning. Therefore, managers need to understand them well when designing their management strategies. The major reason why this study is necessary is that it would make the audience to understand multigenerational teams much better. As a result, they would have the ability to adjust their management strategies whenever they encounter a multigenerational team.Several scholars have studied the issue of multigenerational leadership in

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