Past sport experience

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Past Sport Experience. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. ?Past Sport ExperienceSports and its management are aspects that are always debatable throughout the world. Of primary argument is the management of sports organizations. There are those who argue that for one to be a successful manager of a sport organization, they must be conversant with the sport they are working with, have experience at playing it, harness aggression, skill and power. They additionally argue that successful management of sports organizations has nothing to do the theories of management and human resource management. There is, however, a distinct group who contradict this statement. For my case, successful management of sports organizations must incorporate possession of skills, experience, knowing the sport well and having the aggression and power (Masterman, 2014).There are various reasons as to why I support the assertion. First, you cannot manage a sport you lack information on or don’t know very. It hence entails knowing the sport such that during unfair play and favoritism from the referee, the manager can always defend the team. If one lacks knowledge about the game, they can always be made injustice at during decisions. In English Premier League for instance, the manager of a Chelsea Team Jose Mourinho, once played football as his profession, worked as an interpreter of English for a coach and later started his career as a coach. This means that he gathered prior knowledge about football first before venturing into coaching (Headline, 2015).Second, being a successful manager requires the aggression, skill and power. In America, for instance, the best coaches and team managers of all time such as Vince Lombardi had the aggression, skill and power of managing teams such as Green Bay Packers in NFL. Lombardi worked on a principle that “Winning is Everything”. This assisted him to gain the vigor, energy and determination required of him to successfully steer the team to success (Masterman, 2014).Third, one must always have experience in the sports before they manage them well. Lack of experience makes one lack the feeling the players always have on the field. When one is tired or injured, an experienced manager will be able to identify it so fast and make the necessary changes without any form of hesitation. Additionally, a manager with experience will always know the perfect substitute in case a player is injured or is out. This is because they have studied and understood the playing capabilities of their players. In Spain, the coach and manager for Barcelona Pep Guardiola once was a professional player. After retiring as a player, he ventured into coaching and has steered Barcelona to success thus making it one of the best teams in the world (Headline, 2015).Besides, one cannot use management theories and human resource management in managing a sports organization. Sports do change now and then. The managers of these teams are one of those people who work in a dynamic industry. It is constantly hard to tell what will happen next. The manager thus has to have clear understanding of the rival team in terms of past records, capabilities of their players among others. With this, they can prepare their players well. Applying the theories will only make them lose (Solomon, 2002).In conclusion, managing a sports organization has nothing to do with the theories. One must have experience, skills, knowledge about the sport, skill, power and vigor otherwise, they stand to lose. The reasons for this are very clear as has been stated. Teams seeking to recruit managers need to put the above factors into consideration.ReferencesHeadline. (2015). Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2015-2016. London: Headline Publishing Group.Masterman, G. (2014). Strategic Sports Event Management: Third Edition. London: Routledge.Solomon, J. (2002). An Insider’s Guide to Managing Sporting Events.Champaign,IL: Human Kinetics.

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