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Compose a 1000 words assignment on by Paul K. Conklin. The researcher states that Leuchtenburg critiqued the New Deal based on the 1930s social and political issues. It all started when Hoover Herbert’s presidency came to an end and the nation went to unrest as a result of industrial collapse, enormous unemployment and crashes of the stock market. Leuchtenburg’s focus was on ‘recreation of the modern president’ of Roosevelt. He argued that Roosevelt’s incredible personality, persistence, brevity, and optimism glamorized the White House. By this, he agreed with Madden. He more often than not mentioned Roosevelt and his followers proposing and formulating legislation, fighting for measures of relief and consequently altering the American perception of the government. The federal government would then be a facilitator of the economy for the nation-states, an assistant agency for the destitute and a fighter 1of the American workers’ rights. Leuchtenburg approach of the American history of politics was meticulous and rational, perhaps due to his intensive research. He utilized the use of newspaper articles, memoirs, private interviews, and manuscripts to gather information about that historic moment. Leuchtenburg made several insights while demystifying the legislation forms that came to be. He found that the New Deal was scrupulous in nature. The cause-effect relationship was displayed in a way that seemed a reality more than a fairy tale. For instance, the book’s chapter two and three clearly illustrated why the nation-state’s attitude was in a position of turning around hastily after the Roosevelt election.

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