Penetration testing for better security

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on professional penetration testing for better security. Clustering distribution centers in a single geographic area are among the new trends. There is also a move towards transportation specialization, such as companies that depend on substantial parcel air transport. Labor availability and technology advances are factors driving many companies to consolidate their distribution and structural systems into fewer but larger, regional facilities. However, not all companies are consolidating their distribution centers: in many areas, the consolidation trend itself is producing a new generation of smaller, local distribution centers. Experts say that new logistical handling systems and greater outsourcing-in particular, the increased use of third-party logistics providers-seem to be driving this trend. This trend has had a large bearing on how architects are being perceived. With the advent of management as a wholesome science that has trickled into every industry and profession, architects are now expected to handle the managerial aspects of construction and design. One of the major implications for this is cost control and financial projection, health and safety management as well as development control.When involved in a project, the major focus is on economics and what can be achieved within a given budget. Passing this down to the architects has various dimensions to it. The creative part can be better coordinated and decided in the initial stages so as to avoid chaos later. The demerit of this is that the focus might shift from the creative to the strategic management options where some architects might be ill-equipped to handle such responsibilities. The solution to such a problem is a short course or orientation program in financial and development management when educating or selecting architects. Incident Command System for High Rise Buildings. Risk is also a major part of the strategic management and development part of a structure. The above diagram is a depiction of an example of sectorisation for a high rise building. The sectorisation for high rise buildings must consist of the optimum deployment and utilization of resources. Managing a high rise building is a matter of creating sectors so as to give out commands easily and smoothly in case of strategic, tactical and operational importance. The sectors for operation must include:Vulnerability assessment & intrusion detection systems Risk assessment & risk management Backups & business continuity planning Disaster recovery planning. Computer incident response teams. Digital investigation & incident post-mortem. Privacy & anonymity in cyberspace. censorship & content filtering. Management responsibilities & liabilities. The future of information assurance.Professional development. The Harrow Court Incident. The Harrow Court Incident refers to the tragic chain of events where two firefighters – Firefighter Wornham and Firefighter Miller – lost their lives on the 2nd of February, 2005. The cause for this was the faulty organization of resources and commands that led to a miscalculation of the risks involved.

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