People With Bad Manners

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Write an article on People With Bad Manners. It needs to be at least 250 words. People with bad manners surround usCultural practices that define ethics and morality, establish general rules of behavior in societies. Such rules, depending on a particular set up, identifies good and bad manners. Bad manners disrupt other people, infringe their comfort, and as Nightingale explains, are a serious concern when it interferes with expected utilities that people have paid for (Nightingale, p. 475). Some of the examples of bad manners in people’s environments include staring at people whom you do not know, gossiping loudly in the library, and swearing in public, behaviors that may irritate other parties in different ways.Staring at people that you do not know, with a possible implication that they also do not recognize you, for instance, has a tendency of creating suspicion from the target. This may lead to discomfort, as a person may feel insecure or embarrassed for thoughts of improper conduct. Consequently, the observer interferes with the target’s comfort. Gossiping loudly in the library is another example of bad manners that distracts people from the environment’s main activity. Being a place for either borrowing resources or studying the resources, the library should be quiet, conducive for study or communication with attendants. Loud gossips in the place therefore adversely affect other people, especially the studying group. Another form of bad manners in a public environment is swearing loudly. This has an impact on raising alarm among other people, leading to fear and animosity. Its negative effects on people may also lead to health complications from involuntary biological reactions. Staring at people that you do not know, gossiping loudly in the library, and swearing in the public therefore significantly pose adverse conditions to other people and are consequently bad manners.

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