Per-unit manufacturing

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

The per-unit manufacturing overhead cost is based on a $4 variable cost per unit and $228,000 fixed costs. The nonmanufacturing costs, all variable, are $8 per unit, and the sales price is $55 per unit.Sports Headquarters Company (SHC) has asked Alton to produce 6,500 units of a modification of the new product. This modification would require the same manufacturing processes. However, because of the nature of the proposed sale, the estimated nonmanufacturing costs per unit are only $4 (not $8). Alton would sell the modified product to SHC for $40 per unit.Required1a. Calculate the contribution margin for 6,500 units for both the current and special order.1b. Should Alton produce the special order for SHC?2. Suppose that Alton Inc. had been working at less than full capacity to produce 32,200 units of the product when SHC made the offer. What is the minimum price per unit that Alton should accept for the modified product under these conditions?

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