Personal and professional development report

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1500 words essay on Personal and professional development report. In the many groups that I have been a member of, I have not had any conflicts with any member of the group. For that reason, I consider myself a diplomat, a good team worker and more importantly an eloquent orator with unquestionable communication skills. Nevertheless, for so many years I have never imagined that conflict can negatively impact the effectiveness of communication that in turn impinge on the quality of work done.This was not until I experienced in a group where I was a member. The discussion in this paper reflects the situation that took place last semester to help develop and utilize my personal skills while avoiding conflicts so as to maintain a good rapport with other team members in the future.Our lecturer instructed us to form groups so that we could present a report on ‘Diversity and Conflict Management.’ Most of the groups had an average of 4 to 5 members. In our group, we were four boys and one lady. The lady was tasked with the responsibility of leading the group. As the leader, she split the topic in various sub-topics and assigned each member a certain sub-topic. Shortly thereafter, we were joined by a new member. Sadly, there were rifts between the lady and the new member that arose from misunderstandings on how the tasks were been delegated. I tried to resolve the problem between them, but my efforts were fruitless as I had never experienced it there before. Notably, the rest of my colleagues did not make take any meaningful action in a bid to help resolve the issue. Consequently, the girl opted to withdraw from our group, an effect that made us not attain a high grade on that assignment.First, the feedback of the presentation was fundamentally important as it helped me realize the importance of good communication among team members. Unarguably, the team could have achieved higher grades if only there were no conflicts. I was pleased to work with other team

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