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Personal Mission Statement

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Personal Mission Statement.The template includes my understanding of proper adult and learning development. I will put to good use the personal and professional growth theories, as I leave my alma mater. The template includes all relevant inputs. I will include the teachings of Covey (204) in my lifelong template. The template of effective strategies teaches me how to maximize all my God-given powers to gather all necessary knowledge to help the community have a better life.I will also keep to mind the necessary skills needed to make a favorable difference in this world. I will also generate the desire to give my own small but effective contribution to share my blessing with the less fortunate citizens of this world. In addition, I will to have an open mind to learn new things that will hasten the effects of my contributing to the betterment of society. I will be proactive. Being proactive means to implement an act or nonact that will prevent the cropping up a debilitating disaster or unfavorable event. I will also learn to put first things first. I will replace sitting all day long and devote more time to activities that will hasten the accomplishment of may goals in life. Time is short, and the average person’s earthly journey is too short to make a positive impact on the other people’s lives. I will also implement activities to ensure my missionary race will create and prolong true happiness, hope, faith, and love in every gathering that I will join. I was put in this world to make a difference. With God guiding my path along my missionary path, I will bravely, boldly and enthusiastically finish my predestined part in this complex Shakespearean type of play called life flying colors.I have my happy moments. I always feel happy when I see the smiling faces of my toddler after a tiring and stressful day’s activities. Joy feels the air when I see my beautiful daughters, God’s gift to me. Further, my happy moments continue as through my

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