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Identify a target behavior/thought/feeling/experience something you think may be a problem for you, or something you think may be enhanced for more positive effects. It can be anything that affects your welfare as a practitioner and/or a person, and it may be something with which your clients also struggle.

Please write a paragraph defining and describing the problem or experience, explaining the way it is experienced by you, your perception of what it entails, and how severe (or positive) you perceive it to be. Basically, explain what are the aspects of the target behavior/thinking/feeling and WHY it needs changing (your study rationale).

In another short paragraph, describe and reflect on previous efforts you have made to improve or change this behavior/thinking/feeling, if any, and what were the outcomes. Further, discuss ideas you have had about how to enhance or reduce this behavior in the future (cardio or Weightlifting), and your expectations of your ability to comply with such interventions, (i.e., what have you tried/thought about doing about it and with what success).

Next, using your literature searching skills, please write and cite a definition of the problem from the literature. For instance, how is “stress” defined in the scholarly literature, or “compulsive behavior”?

Additionally, please find and summarize (and cite) the research on the incidence of the behavior/thought/feeling (i.e., the scope). Examining the scope of a condition, (a problem or a good outcome/strength), can help justify research into this topic. If applicable, you may identity the number of people or percent of the general population affected by a condition such as the one you are studying? And what characteristics do they share (i.e., demographics such as gender, ethnicity, income, geographic region, urbanicity, etc. (i.e., who is more or less at risk)?

End by formulating and writing a research question, such as “what intervention might positively impact my experience of stress?”

Note: You will need to provide in-text citation and end reference, from an appropriately scholarly source(s), using APA style, for the definition and the incidence data. I expect this to be about 2-3 pages in length, double spaced

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