Phaedo, the Trial and Death of Plato’s Teacher

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on Phaedo, the Trial and Death of Plato’s Teacher. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Before Socrates’ death, Phaedo together with other friends had constantly visited Socrates in jail. They made those moments to discus new things which included. why Socrates thought that it was wrong to kill one’s self. . (Eliot, C. W., Jowett, B., Crossley, H., & Long, G., 1937) His argument was based on the fact that man was a possession of gods and therefore had no right to commit suicide, as this would make gods angry if one of their possessions had taken their lives by themselves. Socrates believes that this should only happen if it is necessary. This position is however is challenged by Cebes, who notices that wise people should always be sought to stay next to wiser people, and so by death, they cease to stay next to wiser people. (Eliot, C. W., Jowett, B., Crossley, H., & Long, G., 1937)This means that death should be avoided by all means. But Cebes’s argument is refuted by Plato when Plato notes that it is agreeable that death is a separation of the mind soul from the body, and that the body inhibits the mind and this justifies the argument that a philosopher faces death every day and therefore should not fear death at all.The discussion of the two men takes a different twist when they choose to discuss what exactly death means. And Socrates gives much detail about what Plato believes to be the equality of a soul. He points that the soul has the ability to reason and to think and those capacities on their own have the ability to grasp objects that are deemed to be relevant and for that matter, no thought under any circumstance would be reached by any sense of the body. This is the point where Plato sharply differs from Socrates. Plato believed that the attainment of knowledge could be about the experience. Socrates however felt that. by death, one would be separating the soul from the body, and this would therefore help them move closer and closer to knowledge.In reading the text further, Cebes informs Socrates that all the things he said were excellent, except that he thought men would find it hard to believe his argument about the soul. Those men believe that after the soul has left the body, it would be nowhere and would only be destroyed and dissolved at the time of death. Cebes seeks more clarity on what Socrates means based on these facts. Socrates accepts the challenge presented by Cebes which leads him to make discuss the immortality of the soul.

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