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Physical Journeys

Physical Journeys Based on Away by Michael Gow. Write a 2750 word paper answering; According to the research findings, through the structure, language and theme Michael Gow shows through his play the impact of the physical journey on the characters (travelers in the play). The physical journey of going away on holidays involves both obstacles and as well as movement to new places. AWAY, The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost) and Shakespeare’s The Seven Ages of Man (As You Like It) all convey the same message to mankind on earth – choose the right path (Frost) on this stage of the world (Shakespeare) by going ‘away’(Gow). To go ‘away’ on a holiday to recoup (rediscover the self) according to Gow is what the human beings need to understand. Gow brings out the necessity for spiritual regeneration for a sense of belonging and harmony with each other and nature. ‘Away’ is a five-act play involving three Australian families which go ‘away’ on a holiday during the Christmas of 1968. Roy and Coral (the headmaster and his wife) are on the verge of a breakup. Coral is still grieving over their son who was killed in the Vietnam War. Tom migrated to Australia from England with his family. He suffers from the terminal disease, leukemia of which he is aware although his parents do not know that is aware of it. They are taking Tom for his last holiday together and they are determined to have a good time. Tom and Meg are together in the school’s play A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and they are fond of each other. Meg’s parents Gwen and Jim are taking Meg for a holiday so that she can have a break. Gwen believes that one has to sacrifice for anything good to happen to you. The themes of reconciliation and loss emerge as one family deals with the death of their son in the Vietnam War, another faces the prospect of losing their son through leukemia, and the other by their daughter simply growing up.

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